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More personal attention
& less waiting time


Find the perfect product/service based on 20+ variables, incl. previous orders and even the weather.


Provide in-depth knowledge and interesting background stories about products/services.


Your staff can focus on connecting with guests and providing better service instead of waiting at a table.


Integrate with existing ordering systems like Lightspeed.  Just add a QR code for your guests!


Customize Waitler to represent your venue in a style that fits your brand.


Waitler works 24/7 and can even answer questions when staff is occupied or remotely.


Better service, less costs

When it gets busy, it is hard to give the personal attention to every guest that they deserve.

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None of us is as as smart as all of us + AI

Fausto Albers

Behavioral Science | Gastrophysics | Python | Hospitality domain expert

Dmytro Druzhniev

Full stack Developer | JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Node.js

Tim Trussner

Programmer & AI Trainer | Simulation Game Developer | Math Graduate | AI App Dev

Arthur Poot

UI / UX Designer | Front-end Developer | AI nerd

Frequently asked questions

Is Waitler hard to set up?

Setting up Waitler is designed to be a seamless process. It starts with a simple outreach and a demo, followed by providing the Waitler team with details like the venue's menu and desired customizations. The aim is to ensure a hassle-free integration into the business's existing operations.

Waitler explained

Waitler is an AI Hospitality Assistant accessible by smartphone that acts as a bridge between visitors and venue-specific information in the hospitality industry, utilizing the latest GPT-4 technology. It provides detailed knowledge about various cuisines and integrates with existing systems to enhance customer service by automating routine tasks.  Waitler has been tested in real-world settings, revealing insights into user preferences and the potential for enhancing the visitor experience. Aimed at addressing labor shortages and elevating service quality, Waitler is particularly appealing to a young, urban demographic and offers customizable AI avatars for a personalized touch. The vision for Waitler is to use AI to augment the human aspect of hospitality, allowing smaller venues to compete with larger chains by offering unique, tech-enhanced customer experiences

Will Waitler kill Waiter Jobs?

Waitler is designed to supplement and enhance the work of human staff rather than replace them. Its purpose is to take on repetitive and information-heavy tasks such as providing detailed knowledge about menu items, managing venue data, and integrating with booking and inventory systems. This allows human employees to concentrate on more nuanced and interpersonal aspects of hospitality, such as providing exceptional customer service, engaging in meaningful interactions with guests, and offering the human touch that AI cannot replicate. In essence, Waitler aims to fill in gaps created by staff shortages and improve service efficiency, not to eliminate jobs.

Will Waitler take over jobs?

How much does it cost?

Waitler offers significant savings on staffing costs, potentially amounting to hundreds or even thousands of euros each month. The service is priced at an affordable €99 per month for a single venue, with the reassurance of a three-month money-back satisfaction guarantee.

What comes next?

The future of Waitler involves expanding its AI capabilities to include custom recipe creation, image generation for menus, real-time voice interaction, and lifelike avatars for personalized customer engagement. It also plans to enhance group dining experiences with interactive features for ordering and bill splitting, and increase integration with various business management tools to offer comprehensive support to hospitality venues. Additionally, Waitler aims to serve as a business coach to help hospitality owners with marketing, staffing, and operational strategy.

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